Following Seas


Container Canopies offer a wide range of applications for all industries, and specific to the needs of agricultural, commercial, industrial, recreational, marine, construction and aviation applications.

All of our products are designed to meet or exceed city, county, and state requirements throughout the U.S. Full engineering plans, calculations and producer statements available on request.

Our industry-leading canopy frames are designed to withstand 105 mph winds. We insist on using hot-dipped, galvanized, rolled structural steel (Q235) providing years of service and protection for you and your valuable assets from harsh conditions.

Full and comprehensive warranty providing free replacement of framework parts for 20 years from the date of purchase and a 10 year warranty on the canopy top.

Our professional installation teams ensure every build out is up to our industry-leading standard and quality. Our comprehensive installation manual comes with every canopy should you wish to install it yourself and is available in PDF upon request.

Asset Protection

Ideal for protecting big rigs, RVs, planes, boats and other assets from the harsh elements.

Office Workspace

We can modify containers to create offices or adapt to your existing modulars or structures.

Repair Workshop

We can build cost effective repair and storage facilities to your requirements.

Environmental Cover

Cost effective solution for meeting state and federal legislative requirements.

Warehousing Storage

Container canopies are great for storing a wide range of diverse assets.

Multiple Canopies

Protect all of your machinery, vehicles and product with back-to-back container canopies.